Friday, December 8, 2006

My name is Theodora.I live in thessaloniki,kordelio.My father his name is George,my mother her name is Vaja,my brother his name is Tasos and my sister her name is Pantoula.I am 13 years old.


teacher dude said...

Great to see Greek students blogging. Check out some other Greek student blogs;

Phoebe said...

Γεια σου Θεοδώρα!Αντε καλή αρχή..Να ξερεις οτι όσο πιο πολύ γράφεις τόσο πιο πολύ θα το διασκεδάζεις από δω κ πέρα!!!Κι εγώ μαθαίνω αγγλικά κ έχω blog..είναι